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Dear Colleagues,

 Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe  would like to bring to your attention an interesting opportunity to develop innovative start-ups in climate-friendly energy sector  :

The European Institute of Technology’s (EIT) Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) for InnoEnergy calls for proposals for innovative climate friendly energy technology ideas

Two among six fields in which KIC InnoEnergy strengthens European innovation and entrepreneurship is Renewable Energies and Clean coal technologies. It does this through so-called ‘innovation projects.’ Financing ranges from Eur 0.5 – 5m for technology start-ups and lasts 3 years while the technology is expected to be on the market in five.

KIC InnoEnergy’s current call for proposals for innovative energy technology ideas closes on May 23, 2014. More information is available here:

Enquiries are also welcome to Jerome Simpson at REC: who as KIC InnoEnergy partner for central and eastern Europe coordinates outreach and the development of innovation projects concerning the region.

Thank you and best wishes,

Mariia Khovanskaia (Ms)
Climate Change and Clean Energy Topic Area
Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe HQ


Dos suplementos al 5to reporte del IPCC

Ambos (reportes de metodología) son de la Fuerza de Trabajo sobre los Inventarios Nacionales de Gases de Efecto Invernadero; el primero sobre las buenas prácticas derivadas del Protocolo de Kioto ( y el segundo sobre los humedales (

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