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Risk-informed decision-making: An agenda for improving risk assessments under HFA2


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The State of the Air 2014

La publicación, de la American Lung Association, está disponible en la red

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Germany got 74% of its electrical power from Renewable Sources the other day



Indian Government to Bring Solar Lighting to Every Home by 2019

Mientras en México se regala el petróleo con el que se podrían hacer estos cambios necesarios


Fukushima, Japan Rebuilding Communities with Solar, Commits to 100 Percent Renewable Energy by 2040


y ¿México? ¿Cuándo?


IEA Graphic Shows How to Radically Reduce CO2



Public Sector Greenhouse Gas Measurement System

The link below provide details of a Request for Qualifications for a Public Sector Greenhouse Gas Measurement System for the Province of British Columbia, Canada. This will be of interest to GHG Measurement Technology Solution providers.


Enquiries related to the RFQ  are to be directed to the contact person on page 1 of the RFQ:

Contact person:

Clover Mohr, Business Portfolio Manager

Fax:  (250) 953 3752